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Natural Therapy Centre in Javea Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading is an ancient method of hair removal used for shaping. It is a safe, effective way to remove hair from the roots. Cotton thread is twisted and rolled over the eyebrow hairs, which plucks them. Threading is recommended by dermatologists, as it prevents burns, wounds and removes hair for 3/4 wks.

Masaje Facial Kobido

Kobido - Japanese Facial Massage in Javea

Kobido is a legendary Japanese medicinal facial massage that delays and reverses signs of aging naturally. It stimulates the nervous system and balances the flow of energy, for smoother, more luminous skin. We use biological ingredients, to eliminate toxins, repair facial tissue and enhance your natural beauty.

Masaje tailandés

Thai Massage in Javea

Thai Massage is a relaxing massage ideal for back, neck and head pain. This ancient healing treatment moves the body through a series of stretching postures, by applying pressure it releases muscle tension. This massage improves circulation, flexibility and the flow of energy throughout the body.

Masaje ayurvédico

Natural Therapy Centre in Javea Ayurvedia Massage

Ayurvedic Massage is a therapy of Hindu origin, it’s used to maintain beauty and health recovery. It reduces stress, improves skin, creating physical, mental and spiritual balance. We use Biological oils that help to relax and align the energy points, balancing the body, mind and spirit.