Banjara - Mayan Copal - Ethno Smudge Incense

A Sumdging Prayer

I release all energies that are no longer in service to my greatest good.

I ask that only love,  health, wealth, happiness and abundance fill my space.  And so it is.



The Aztec Sun Stone

known as the stone of the 5 Eras.  The sun stone is a monolithic Aztec sculpture made from the basalt stone created at some point between the late 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century.

It is a wonderful examply of the Aztec’s folklore and understanding of the cosmos.

It is probably the best known archeological piece from the Aztec culture.

Although the stone is commonly referred to as thr Calendar stone, it’s use & exact purpose are still unclear.

it represents the heavens, as they worshiped this powerful god.

The Aztec Sun represents life.


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